We're building a sustainable future for gin!

Embracing a sustainable future, we consider ourselves pioneers of the very highest eco-conscious practices in the gin industry, weaving sustainability into our very essence. From sourcing botanicals to packaging, every step reflects our commitment to the planet. We nurture local partnerships, cultivating botanicals with regenerative methods, honouring nature's rhythm. Our distillery operates on renewable energy, minimising our carbon footprint. Recyclable and biodegradable materials grace our packaging, ensuring a harmonious cycle from production to disposal. Through community initiatives, we empower conservation efforts, fostering a greener tomorrow. Our vision isn't just in crafting exceptional gin; it's in nurturing a world where every sip embodies sustainability.

Join us while we're still an acorn...

Investing in Copper Lion offers a unique opportunity to partake in a thriving market poised for growth. Here's why it's a smart choice:
Craftsmanship: We prioritise quality over quantity. Investing means supporting meticulous craftsmanship, unique flavours, and attention to detail that sets us apart in a competitive market.
Rising Demand: The global demand for premium and craft spirits, including gin, continues to surge. Investing early in a promising brand can yield substantial returns as the market expands.
Brand Story and Authenticity: Many small batch gin companies have compelling stories rooted in tradition, locality, and innovation. We believe we have a unique story and an exceptional product, which resonates with customers seeking authenticity and a connection to the brand.
Flexibility and Agility: We are capable of swiftly adapting to market trends and consumer preferences. This agility allows us to experiment, introduce new flavours, and respond quickly to changing demands.
Potential for Acquisition or Expansion: We know that we will attract attention from larger beverage corporations seeking acquisitions. Your investment could lead to a lucrative exit strategy or expansion opportunities.
Ethical and Sustainable Practices: Investors increasingly prioritise sustainability. We champion eco-friendly practices, appealing to conscious consumers and investors alike.

Investing in Copper Lion isn't just about potential financial returns; it's also about supporting innovation, tradition, and craftsmanship in an industry poised for continued growth.

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