Fiercely Independent British Dry Gin

Distilled in the cotswolds

Copper Lion Distillery is the result of a chance encounter between Angus and Minnie, combined with a shared passion for making truly remarkable spirits. After a few false-starts, a lot of luck and persistence we have finally realised our vision in Copper Lion.

As whisky drinkers, we were determined to design a gin with the balance, complexity and texture to be drunk on its own, as well as mixed. Our Copper Lion London Dry Gin is crafted with ultimate care by Minnie in the heart of the Cotswolds.

The result is something we are very proud of and we believe the quality speaks for itself.

"The care and attention that has gone into this gin is immediately apparent. A deliciously balanced dram with both the depth you want from a winter warmer and with the freshness of a summer tipple."

Robin W. converted whisky drinker. 10.9.23

"...Rapidly becoming one of the UK's most talked about gins!"

Tetbury Wines. 06.4.24

"I never knew gin without tonic could taste so good."

Sasha E. 30.11.23

"I can honestly say this is the best gin I’ve ever tasted."

Monique D. spirits professional 07.11.23

"An absolutely delicious gin, lovely with a tonic or on its own. The Copper Lion team have created something really special – can’t wait to share it with others!"

Ciaran E. 21.11.23

"Robust, designed by experts for those looking for something more - more strength, more smoothness and more complexity. Unapologetic in its strength and its careful selection of botanicals. Great looking bottle with lovely attention to detail [...], something worth trying and then reappraising your love of gin once more. Authentic to its core."

Paul T. Spirits and Marketing Professional 28.12.23

"I can’t drink any other gin now"

Matilda M. previously staunch big-gin-brand drinker 12.10.23

"Nectar of the Gods!"

Anna R. Martini enthusiast 26.01.24

"Tried your gin. Unbelievably delicious. Had a shot on its own. Stunning balance and flavour. Hardly needs tonic."

Clare L. 12.08.23

"Best gin I have ever tasted! Amazing."

Susie D. 04.08.23

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